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Your home may show signs of carbon monoxide. Any one of the following could be a sign that there is carbon monoxide in your home. Get your gas appliances checked to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you have a faulty appliance in your home, it could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Get it checked as soon as possible by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Boiler Service

Boilers collect dust and dirt from the atmosphere, which settle on the burners. If not serviced regularly, this can build up causing blockage of the heat exchanger and increasing CO2 to dangerous levels.

An annual boiler service will ensure the safety of your boiler – keeping it in great working order for longer.

Boiler Breakdowns

From a noisy boiler to a boiler that does nothing at all – there’s nothing worse than waking up to no hot water or heating. As a Worcester Credited Installer,  you can rest assured, if it can be fixed, we’ll fix it.

Central Heating Breakdowns and maintenance.

Our highly experienced engineers will diagnose and repair your central heating problems including faulty pumps, motorised valves, room stats, programmers, cylinder stats, leaky radiators and pipes etc.

Power Flush

Is your boiler noisy (kettling)? Is your pump is struggling? Are your radiators showing rust spots? Are they slow to warm up, gurgling? Do they stay cold on the bottom? If so, you need a complete central heating power flush. This is a method where we attach a machine to the radiators and force acids and water around the whole system breaking up and flushing out all sludge and corrosion and replacing it with fresh clear running water. This method improves the performance and life span of the boiler, pipe work and radiators, helping to eliminate all of the above problems.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

It is a legal requirement for landlords renting a property to have the gas appliances checked on an annual basis and obtain a CP12 Certificate as proof that the property is safe. We will carry out a thorough check on all appliances to ensure they are safe to use. We will also carry out a test at the gas meter to make sure that there are no gas leaks. In the event that an appliance fails the inspection we will notify the tenant/landlord immediately and make safe.

If your property needs a new gas appliance – such as a new condensing boiler or gas hob/appliances, our engineers will provide you with a verbal or written quotation.